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To buy or not to buy, coronavirus on Aliexpress
To buy or not to buy, coronavirus on Aliexpress

Today the Internet is literally abuzz with messages about the coronavirus and the dire consequences of this pandemic. What myths and fakes have not been invented, that Aliexpress is being shut down, that you can get infected from bananas or that parcels from China can be contagious, even about the effectiveness of the fight against the disease with the help of alcohol. It's just unbelievable what people don't come up with.

Now seriously, coronavirus is quite a dangerous disease that spreads very quickly, and its danger before other types of coronavirus infections is that there is no vaccine against it yet. But let's be honest, Aliexpress is not shutting down and the coronavirus not a hindrance to shopping - the official spokesman stated. Fakes about suspending the delivery of goods are the real fakes. There may be delays, but no more than that.

Remember that you can always get a refund under the program "Consumer Protection.". So stop asking "what's with Ali", "does Aliexpress work"! Let's help Chinese business right now and start shopping at Aliexpress - because we have over 1000 selected and the best products on Ali. And the best part is, Aliexpress even has a 3D model of the coronavirus, And it's a great buy for educational needs.