Aliexpress has opened a warehouse in Ukraine?

Delivery from Ukraine appeared on the site of Aliexpress. In connection with this, many thought that there would now be warehousing in Ukraine.

Aliexpress delivery from Ukraine warehouses

At the moment, all information is limited to the fact that some popular and demanded goods will be imported in advance by large batches to Ukraine and in advance will undergo tomazhennuyu clearance, which will greatly accelerate delivery in Ukraine and, respectively, the cost of goods. Yes, this function is not available for all goods.

Ukrposhta, which cooperates with Aliexpress, stressed that it is very interested in opening warehouses in Ukraine. The others are still in no hurry to make such statements and believe that their opening is still a long way off.

Pros and cons of opening warehouses Aliexpress in Ukraine.

According to statistics, Ukraine is second in the world in order growth, so the opening of warehouses will have a positive impact on consumers.

  • Delivery will be within a few days
  • the percentage of trust in the site will increase and the number of orders will increase
  • it will be much easier to return the product or get a refund
  • it may be possible to pick up the goods yourself, which may be convenient for many people

The only downside may be that local sellers will feel more competition, as many feel that opening a warehouse facility will result in the local market being carved up.

Our authors have already tried this kind of delivery, and received A great electric screwdriver in 3 days after ordering.

Delivery Aliexpress Ukrposhta in two daysDelivery Aliexpress Ukrposhta in two days

Considering the speed and price of the product, this shopping opportunity is a serious competitor to local sellers.